March 31, 2011

Amarillo Family Photographer / The Bledsoe Family 2010

This is such a special family!  I went to church with Jayme when I was in youth group and she was just little so it is neat to be friends with her now.  This photo was done before the rest of them.  It looks 

a lot different than the rest!  Miss Evie is adopted.  She is such a blessing to everyone that she comes around but even more her parents!  You really would NEVER know because she acts just like her

Mommy and Daddy.  It is hilarious!  She is hilarious!  We did this photo for them to take to the adoption agency showing off the kids and their families.  So special!  I love this family!

It was such a windy day!  Evie is just so darn funny!  She won't look at the camera for anything.  She has been like that for quite a while now.  Here, she saw a football and borrowed it for a little while!  haha!

I told you she won't look at the camera.  There were also men down the lake playing with remote control speed boats.  I wasn't happy but we did what we could.  We didn't stay in this location though!

We could not believe Evie was still for this!  I wanted to move her closer to Mom and Dad's head but I was afraid because she was doing so good!  So funny!

Thank you so much Bledsoe family for blessing me so much by being in my life!
Love you guys!!!

March 23, 2011

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March 17, 2011

March 17, 20111

I am a Shamrock, TX girl!  I was born there and my family lives there.  Growing up, it was the greatest place to be on St. Patrick's Day!  I grew up thinking I was Irish!  haha

I also grew up riding in the parade with my great aunt and uncle when I was little in a horse drawn buggy.

My favorite part was when I got to ride with my Papa who worked at the Shamrock Post Office in the Post office Truck and throw candy to the other kids.

After the parade, there is the Miss Irish Rose competition which was always fun to go to.

A favorite would have to be the big carnival that Shamrock has for St. Patrick's.  I don't get to go this year because we will be out of town but it sure is a fun place to be!

March 12, 2011

Spring and My New Lens

Oh wow, I have only gotten to shoot a few times with my new lens but those few times were SO awesome!  I love this lens SO much!  It has amazing Bokeh!  WOW!

Here are just a few fun images from today and last week.  Enjoy!

Above: Ali Grace            Below: Chloe...her signature look while being tormented by squirrels!

I LOVE this photo from our back yard!

Matthew's Base Guitar

THESE next three are when I was playing with the sun...sunbursts are completely natural!

Sunbursts completely natural!

Sunbursts Completely Natural!
Do I love my new lens...FOR SURE!!!!!!!    ;)
Have a blessed weekend!

Amarillo Family Photographer / The Brock Family 2010

This shoot was super fun.  I have known this family for a long time.  They were literally my second family for quite a while.  I worked for them at Play It Again Sports and Once Upon A Child, when

they owned them, for about 7 years.  The boys were little.  I remember when the youngest was born.  They are very special to me!

This was their first jump!  I love it!

I think this is my favorite!

Love this one too!  Love them all!
Thank you Brock family for blessing me by letting me make memories for you!
Love you guys!

March 10, 2011


Happy Thursday everyone...


March 9, 2011

Amarillo Family Photographer / The Crowell Family 2010

This shoot was such a blast.  I don't know if I have seen Lori since high school.  We have been friends since middle school.  It was so great to catch up with her and get to know her family better.

I fell in love with Lori's little girl, Aspyn.  She is so much fun and Lori's "mini me".  Here are a few of my favorites...

Thank you Crowell Family for blessing me by letting me capture your family.
Love you guys,

March 8, 2011

Amarillo Baby/Child Photographer/ Mr. "B" 6Month and Miss "E" 4 Year Photos 2010

I had a hard time choosing with these photos.  I am sure you can tell.  :)  Here are Mr. "B" and Mrs. "E".  These are my best friend's kids so I am a little partial too!  I just love this shoot though!

It is really going to be fun to see these and then I am doing Mr. "B"s 9 month shoot next week.  I heart my job!

We have some big Auburn Fans!  WAR EAGLE!!!

I love little feet!!!
I love you guys so much!  Can't wait to see you!