March 4, 2011

Amarillo Photographer / Miss "B" Fall Photo Shoot 2010

This child is amazing!  I didn't know Miss "B" and her mom when I did the shoot but I got to know them very fast.  They are just a blast and I am so blessed that we are friends now.

Look at the expressions on this child.  I have NEVER seen personality shine like it did in Miss "B".


Thank you mom for allowing me to capture these special expressions!  I had so much fun and look forward to working with you girls again!  xoxo


  1. this girl is spunky for sure, but holy cow- she is sooo pretty!

  2. She is...isn't she. She is a doll! She looks like her momma!

  3. Oh my goodness she is adorable. I love the hands on her hips. It kind of reminds me of my stubborn girl. Great shots!

  4. Thank you so much Nicole! She is so precious!

  5. Ahh! LOVE her little personality shining through the screen. Awesome job Heather:)
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love that half color/half black & white picture, so cool!