August 22, 2013

~Amarillo Photographer / Evie~

Evie, Evie Evie, I can't say enough about how much I love this girl and her mommy and daddy!  I have been photographing Evie since she was tiny tiny and this is her 4 year old photo shoot.  We wanted her to do the things she is really into and is really liking at this time of her life.  It was a lot of fun!

Sweet girl is all smiles for her 4 year old birthday!!!

We painted in the park and what an artist Evie is!!!

We swung, we did all the slides...

Evie rode her bike and let me tell you she is FAST!  She almost ran over me several times!
We laughed A LOT!!!!  It is hard to resist that giggle of hers!

We ended the evening with chalk!  Oh...I forgot to mention Evie got her first hair cut on this day and she (a 4 year old) got to give her hair she cut to Locks Of Love.  How special is that!  I love you sweet Evie!

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