April 18, 2011

Amarillo Child Photographer/Mr. "B" and Miss "E"

I have been wanting to share these photos so badly.  Some were shown on my facebook but not all of them.  These are my best friends kids and I love them so much!  Both of these kids could be models!

Miss "E" is 4 years old right now and these were Mr. "B's" 9 month photos... a little late.  :)"

Above:  Aren't they SO precious!

Above: I bought this hat from Mary with Fountain Top Creations  She is so precious and is so amazing to work with.  Check her out her Etsy store when you get a chance.

Above:  I LOVE little feet and he grabs his feet all the time.  So cute!

Above...Mommy said to think about Daddy and this was her reaction.

Above:  Mr. "B" hanging on to Mommy      I got Miss "E" just walking around with her lollipop!

 Above:  I think Mr. "B" looks so big here.

Above:  I love Miss "E's" look here.    Mr. "B" is learning how to stand and walk by himself and had a hard time letting go of Mommy.

Above:  What a pose!!!!  :)

Above: Playing with rocks and then trying very hard to eat them.

Above:  Now this is Miss "E" silly girl but absolutely adorable.

Above:  Look at those teeth!

 Mommy said this is something Mr. "B" does all the time.  I love it!

I love the tongue here!  :)

Well, What's next Heather?

 Above: More feet and grabbing them!  Haha...I love it!

Above:  Miss "E" looks like a model.    Mr. "B" standing on his own with no help!  YAY!

Above:  This is a true smile because I gave her a lollipop!  I love this pic of Mr. "B" with the baseball.

Above:  I think this one is SO precious!
Thank you guys so much for blessing me by letting me do these pics for you guys!
I love you all and can't wait to see you next!!! 



  1. those pictues are adorable!

  2. Ohhh my goodness. They are so precious. I just love the little guys outfits! What sweet children....and you captured the smiles so well!

  3. eeeep! what sweeties! i love his little cute feet-and her eyes are beautiful! wonderful shots, heather, wow!

  4. Oh the black and white of Miss E! WOW. Can't you come take pics of my kiddos ;)

  5. You are good. These photos are unbelievable!

  6. Heather, I posted this as a response on my blog to you pertaining to gluten recipes. I have dealt with all allergies when I birthed three allergic children. All of them have been allergic to different things, and yes, one of them is gluten. Just for you, I will begin to post some gluten free recipes starting this Sunday. I also have gluten free recipes throughout this blog. Some day I will have this all set up so you can browse through the recipes easier.

  7. awwww so super cute. i'm loving that little stripe one piece. so adorable!! as are the facial expressions!!

  8. These kiddies are so ridiculously cute! Love that little guy!

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