April 17, 2011

Laundry Closet Organization

I just wanted to show you how we have made our closet laundry room super functional.  Our washer and dryer are new because our old ones went out.  I love the front load more than anything.  It is also at a

height where it is fast and easy.  We hung an ironing organization station on the inside of the door where
we would have easy access.  We always had hangers getting tangled up so it was such a hassle when

we went to grab a hanger so my husband hung a shower curtain bar in the doorway while we do laundry and we separate the hangers in likeness and then it is easy to grab what we need.
This works so well for us and I just wanted to share.

Oh, and sorry about the painters tape...this room is still a work in progress!   :)
I am linking up to Tatortots and Jello Weekend Wrap up Party.  Stop by to check it out!


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