February 22, 2011

~A Photo From Valentines Day~

Valentines Day was so special this year.  Valentines in the past have usually been downers but this year, 
I am married to the most amazing man who God brought to me.  Did I ever dream I would get
married at 32 years old.  Absolutely not.  I thought I would be single for the rest of my life by then.  Well, I was wrong.  October 15, 2010, I married my prince charming.  
I wanted to do something so special this year for him.  I am not a cook or a baker.  He is an amazing cook.  I did throw together Mexican tacos the other night but I wanted to bake cupcakes from scratch. 

I started looking on the internet (remember, I know little about baking) 
and I kept finding recipes that were amazing but I thought you had to have a mixer.  I asked for one
for our wedding but I want the Kitchenaid Mixer so it didn't happen.  (Maybe someday).
What I didn't know was that I could have done it anyway, just not as easy with my handheld mixer.

So, I went to the store and bought a mix and used Betty Crocker icing and little candy hearts.  Did it matter to him that they were from the box?  NO!  The thing that mattered was that we spent time together that night.  I love Matthew!  He truly is a gift from God!

P.S.  The cupcakes WERE fun to eat though!